Office Manager

Maricella Rivera

Mari has lived in Chicago all of her life. She grew up in a bilingual household in Humboldt Park where she learned to speak fluent Spanish. Mari began working for law firms nearly 20 years ago. Every law firm Mari has worked for in her career has represented clients charged with DUI, Traffic and Criminal Defense. Mari’s duties include answering phones, speaking to clients, scheduling appointments, helping clients with court fines and costs, setting up drug and/alcohol evaluations for clients and many other tasks necessary to keep a busy law firm up and running.

Mari prides herself on making herself available whenever she is needed to answer questions and keep clients informed on the status of their legal matter. Mari is capable of helping clients with all these tasks in both Spanish and English. Mari happily helps clients with everything from keeping their court dates straight to coordinating appointments to see Michael and Dustin. She has been an integral part of the everyday affairs at G&S DUI Attorneys and will assist in making your case as stress free as possible.