How to Ensure Successful Defense of a DUI in Chicago

To successfully defend a DUI in Chicago, you should get a lawyer who has experience handling these types of legal cases. Yes, a DUI may sound like a straightforward case for any lawyer to handle, but the reality is such cases are much more difficult than many perceive.  Start with identifying a law firm with a reputable DUI lawyer. This article will look into several different ways that a DUI lawyer will work to successfully defend a client and protect their rights.

Analyzing The Police Dash Cam Footage

The DUI lawyer will first seek access to the police dashboard camera video. The Dash Cam is typically turned on when the officer activates his overhead emergency lights. While it may not be significant to you, this footage gives the lawyer a chance to see things from the arresting officer’s perspective. The officer may have judged you for driving in patterns associated with intoxication, e.g., abrupt swerving, making improper lane changes, having headlights off, or weaving along the road. 

After speaking with you and collecting enough evidence, the DUI lawyer may be able to provide the court with other reasons why you exhibited the recorded driving patterns. Some examples may include medication, fatigue due to long hours of travel, or mechanical issues. 

Analysis of Field Sobriety Test Results

Upon suspicion of driving under the influence, the officer will ask you to perform several sobriety tests to collect evidence. The tests are called Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. These tests may include checking your eyes for involuntary jerking or nystagmus, walking back and forth in a straight line, or standing on one foot while counting out loud. The tests are typically done in front of the police camera to provide evidence during trial.

The DUI lawyer will analyze the recordings and look for instances where the officer may not have administered the test correctly or incorrectly scored a driver’s performance on the tests. If the attorney can demonstrate that the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were administered incorrectly it can be of great benefit to a driver charged with DUI. 

Discrediting The Blood Alcohol Testing Device

A DUI lawyer can use various ways to discredit the blood alcohol test results. The attorney may scrutinize the age, make, and model of the breathalyzer. They may also question the officer’s experience using the device and whether the device was correctly calibrated. A good DUI Lawyer will also research if the device model has a record of providing false-positive results. The lawyer’s goal is to verify that your rights were upheld during the arrest process. 

As you can see, a lot goes into DUI cases which is why it often takes a lawyer that is well-versed and experienced in DUI cases to properly represent a client facing DUI charges. To get the best defense for a DUI case in Chicago, get in touch with, your trusted legal partner. 


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