How to Ensure Successful Defense of a DUI in Chicago

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To successfully defend a DUI in Chicago, you should get a lawyer who has experience handling these types of legal cases. Yes, a DUI may sound like a straightforward case for any lawyer to handle, but the reality is such cases are much more difficult than many perceive.  Start with identifying a law firm with […]

What to do Before your Hearing for a Chicago DUI Charge

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If you’ve been charged with DUI in Chicago, it is in your best interest to defend your rights and maintain a valid driver’s license.  Much of that work will happen before you appear in court for the first time. Here are some things to consider before your first hearing:  Hire a DUI Lawyer Hiring a […]

Will A Public Defender Help You With A DUI Case?

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DUI charges could lead to the suspension of your driver’s license or a denial of your driving privileges. The charges can have adverse effects on your career, social life, and daily life. You have a right to hire an attorney when you are charged with a DUI. If you don’t have enough money to hire […]

First DUI Offense Chicago: What to Expect

Many people don’t know what to do or expect after being arrested for their first DUI. Usually, almost all DUI arrests in Chicago cover two different cases: criminal charges placed on you (DUI charges along with received tickets) and license suspension. When it comes to criminal charges, the offender is usually innocent until proven guilty. […]

DUI Frequently Asked Questions

If I am arrested for DUI will my driver’s license be suspended? The short answer is yes. The length of the suspension depends on whether the driver submitted to a blood, breath or urine test at the time of arrest. If the driver submitted to a test and failed, his license is suspended for 6 […]