What to do Before your Hearing for a Chicago DUI Charge

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Chicago, it is in your best interest to defend your rights and maintain a valid driver’s license.  Much of that work will happen before you appear in court for the first time. Here are some things to consider before your first hearing: 

Hire a DUI Lawyer

Hiring a DUI lawyer to help fight your case should be the first item on your list. Having an experienced attorney can be the difference between a successful defense and battling a DUI charge on your record for the rest of your life. Hiring a professional that can examine the facts of your case and put together a plan to defend your rights may cost a little up front, but it could save you from years of headaches. 

Meet Bond Conditions

When you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, there may be certain conditions that will need to be met in order to secure your release. This may require posting bond, being placed on home confinement or house arrest or other restrictions. It is in your best interests to work with your attorney to ensure that any and all bond conditions are being met.

Conducting Discovery

Before the first hearing, it will be on you and your legal team to build your defense. One of the first things you’ll want to do is request the state to produce a copy of the police report, videos and any other relevant evidence from the night of your arrest. Your lawyer will know the best defense options based on the facts of your case.

Building Your Defense

You always have the option of having a trial when you are charged with DUI. Depending on the facts of your case and whether you’ve hired an experienced DUI attorney to defend you, there could be opportunities to get your case thrown out completely or explore possible plea agreements to a reduced or amended charge. A plea agreement may be an option, but many cases proceed to a trial.

What You Should Do Before The Hearing

These are just a couple of things that need to be completed or explored before your trial. For more information on DUI law, you can check out https://duichicago.com/


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