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If the police arrested you for driving under the influence of alcohol, you need to act fast by hiring a DUI attorney. Acting fast is important because the criminal justice department works faster than an ordinary civil lawsuit. However, acting quickly should not mean you are hiring just any attorney you find without first learning about their ability to offer you excellent representation. If you hire an attorney that can’t deliver well, then, what is the essence of wasting your time, when you can just face your charges yourself? The good news is that we have put together some questions you should ask when you meet a DUI attorney to help you measure their ability. The questions are:

Ask About Their Background

There are lots of lawyers out there, but not all can represent you except for a DUI case. What you need is an attorney who has relevant experience handling DUI cases. To find out about a DUI attorney’s level of experience; you should ask them if they regulary represent Illinois drivers charged with DUI. Do they have experience in that county or in that particular courthouse. Find out if the attorney regularly litigates DUI cases. Does the attorney have experience conducting bench trials and jury trials..

Ask How Long They’ve Been Practicing Criminal Law

When it comes to the law business, the experience of an attorney matters a lot. You need an attorney that has dealt with the judge in the court where you will be trialed. Their experience with the judge could be influential in helping to win your case. They may know how the judge thinks, and how they can convincingly present their arguments before them. Furthermore, if your attorney has a working relationship with the prosecutor he may have better insight in handling your case.

Ask If They Take Other Types Of Cases

You need to confirm that the attorney you hire is truly qualified to handle your DUI case. You don’t want to find that your attorney was stepping outside of his comfort zone into an area that he is unfamiliar with. Some lawyers believe they can argue any case. Such lawyers may not focus their practice to a particular law field.

Ask How Often They’ll Appear At The Court Where Your Case Will Be Heard

This is a question to test how dedicated your lawyer will be in handling your case. You must reach an agreement on this before you hire the attorney. If they care about helping to win your case, they’ll find time to visit the courthouse often.

Case Management

Ask if they’re available to handle your case. If not, you should demand to see the attorney who will represent you in their absence.

How Do They Wish To Be Paid

Many people used to ignore this, but it is crucial. You should ask if they bill with a flat fee or by the hour. You should also clarify what is included in their rate and what is not. If they require a flat payment, you should ask if you can extend your payments beyond the duration of your case. You should also ask if it is refundable.
If you are satisfied with the responses you got from these questions, you can go ahead to hire the attorney. You can click to see more important questions to ask when talking to a DUI attorney.

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